Caring For The Health & Well Being Of Our Community.

We are a group of healthcare professionals from around the globe.

Brief History:

In response to the serious academic, clinical and access issues, facing healthcare in Egypt, we started, 15 years ago, addressing some of these challenges, through short-term campaigns for education and training, charity care and limited community development.
It all began with a call for help by the parents of a 6 months old baby who was blinded by poor healthcare. So, we initiated sustainable programs in clinical Ophthalmology, rehabilitation and integration, then expanded to other specialties. International teams of healthcare professionals donated time, talent and treasure to provide these periodic (but progressively growing) services over the span of the past 15 years. During that time, we had an American trained family medicine doctor join us and move to Egypt permanently.
It is these successful experiences that prompted us to start this more permanent and unique solution: Egypt Light of the World Association for Healthcare Affairs (ELWAHA).
As the first fruit of that association, we are building a model, multi-specialty hospital in New-Cairo.

For an overall summary of the project please watch this video

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