The Best Eye Care in Sight

Advanced Diabetic Eye Care

After a long wait, we have the FIRST FRUIT of the Light of the World Hospital (LWH)! The DAWN of a new era in healthcare in Egypt: The Advanced Diabetic Eye Care (ADEC) program was started as a satellite in Shubra, while our hospital campus in New Cairo is nearing completion. It features a full display of what the rest of the LWH services will look like:

  • One-stop-shop (Ophthalmology, Laboratory services, General screening and counseling)
  • Best practices with western standards and certified providers
  • Wholistic care with emphasis on wellness and prevention
  • Fully digital environment
  • Clinical research for evidence-based practice and education/training
  • Charity care where needed
  • Easy access with compassionate care
We have started seeing patients, doing surgeries and making appointments. We will initially give priority to patients with time sensitive conditions and those labeled “uncontrolled”, “untreatable” and/or “end-stage”.